PREO also supports resellers, SAM service providers and IT service companies. With our services, you can enable your customers to purchase used standard software at a new price and achieve good margins themselves. We also increase legal certainty in the reseller business. This is not a mere promise to professional resellers, but a verifiable feature of our products and services.

Take Advantage of Our Fast-Moving Marketplace for Resellers: Two Minutes From Purchase to Delivery to Your Customers.

We have developed a licence marketplace for resellers of IT services, IT consulting, external SAM service providers and other software distributors. Our objective is to

  • simplify your business,
  • give you a head start over your competitors,
  • deliver greater transparency over purchased and resold software licences and to simplify your accounting.

Full-Text Search: Find the Right Product in a Flash

Thanks to our full-text search, you can quickly find the standard software you want. We always have a wide range of used software licences from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and other relevant vendors.

Direct Purchase: PREO Will Not Be Beaten on Speed

You can use a search result to buy the product now. If you want to make sure that you really get the exact version you want, first click on the product page, where you will find all the information about the product, which you need as a reseller. Next, place the product in the shopping cart. You will have access to the licence details immediately after completing the payment process. You can even transfer the purchased licences to your customers either during the purchase process or later.

Instant Offers: A Tailor-Made Offer Is Only One Click Away

The detailed offer based on your project watch list is only one click away. All you have to do is use the selection function to choose the software products, enter the required number of licences – and you are done. You receive a PDF file, which you can also easily forward internally to speed up the reconciliation.

Purchase History: Permanent Transparency With Your Reseller Account

We permanently store your current portfolio of software licences for you under your account on our reseller platform. Similar to a SAM system, this gives you a perfect overview of programs, versions, quantities, product keys, the IDs of the previous owners and the associated contract numbers of the original contract. PREO shows how true transparency works. Whether you buy one license or hundreds, you always receive all the relevant information about your purchase. This is how we safeguard the security of your business model.

Straightforward Order Processing

  1. All you have to do is log in, select & buy your software
    From logging into the PREO marketplace for resellers to making a definitive purchase, we make every step as easy as possible for you. Payment options include SEPA Direct, credit card and on-account purchases. After the purchase, you will find the licences in your customer account under “My Licences”.

  2. Well-structured invoices included
    After you complete your purchase, you will automatically receive the invoice by email. We will also keep all your invoices in your customer account for you. To maximise transparency, you will receive details about the origin of your licences with the invoice.

  3. Legally compliant transfer of licences to customers
    We make it easy for you to transfer the software licenses purchased on our reseller marketplace to your customers. All it takes is a few clicks. You simply create the relevant company under “Customers” in your customer account. You can then use the “Transfer” button to select the licences in your portfolio to be transferred. After that you will then find the transfer document under “Transactions” and the relevant customer. This document will also contain relevant legal information such as the original contract number and details of the first licensee.

  4. Hassle-free installation at the customer's premises
    The license keys and the installation medium will be available under “Licenses”. This makes it easy and hassle-free to install the software at your customer's premises. If you face legal audits, you will have everything in place: Contract and licence numbers, uninstallation confirmation by the previous owners, information about the first licensee and the original contract. Do you or your customers still need help with an audit? As your partner, we offer assistance in all questions regarding the software purchased from PREO.

The Top 4 Reasons Why the Number of Resellers That Use PREO's Marketplace Is Growing

Resellers Generate Top Margins

On our marketplace, we offer resellers and IT services reseller discounts on Microsoft Office and server licences as well as operating systems, Adobe C6 suites, Acrobat and various CAD licences. You can buy used software from us up to 70 percent cheaper than new software – while the quality is the same.

Resellers Do Not Take Incalculable Risks

All software licences purchased through our reseller marketplace enjoy the same high level of legal certainty as all our licence transactions.

Resellers Strengthen Their Customer Relationships

Their customers realise that they are a fast and solid sourcing partner. Standardised on a specific release? Offer them the licences they need. Whether current versions or previous releases, almost all licences are available immediately in large quantities through our reseller marketplace. In addition, resellers can offer their customers financial advantages and compete against leasing licences with more cost-effective used software.

Resellers Find the Entire Process Easier

PREO offers you a reseller marketplace for used software licenses, the functionality of which leaves nothing to be desired. Fast, hassle-free procurement, easy licence management, fully automated transfer to your customers – PREO is reseller-friendly up to and including automated notifications when required licences are available or neutral transfer documents, which you can print on your company's letterhead.

Why Take Risks You Can Easily Avoid?

Despite the clarifying rulings by the CJEU and BGH, the reseller business still involves obvious risks. Resold software licences must be legally cleared and documented in a satisfactory manner.

Licensing scenarios that are not legally compliant pose a significant and possibly existential risk to resellers of used software. Unclear sources or incomplete paperwork can ...

  • ... put your business reputation at risk,
  • ... destroy long-standing customer relationships,
  • ... trigger high recourse payments.

With PREO You Are Automatically Protected.

To eliminate this issue, many resellers prefer to cooperate with PREO. As one of the major European market makers in the field of used software licences, one of PREO's stand-out characteristics is the audit-ready and legally compliant purchase and resale of software.

We are well known for our uncompromising approach to the legal clarification of licensing histories.

  • Resellers benefit from our meticulous preliminary checks of every single license.
  • This is available to you at no extra cost we are happy to reward responsible, professional resellers with additional dealer discounts.

Especially resellers of software from well-known vendors such as Microsoft or Adobe appreciate the automatic cover offered by PREO.