2 Sept 2022



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Savings of up to 70 per cent are possible without any loss of quality

Corona pandemic, supply bottlenecks, Ukraine war, climate change, digitalisation, interest rate turnaround, shortage of skilled workers - the current social and economic challenges are particularly high for companies right now. Recession worries are palpable everywhere. In addition, in a globalised economy, everything is  connected to everything else, making solutions extremely complex.

Experts assume that the overall economic situation will remain fragile for at least the next 2-3 years and will demand a high degree of flexibility and adaptability from companies in all areas. The requirements have of course been part of everyday life for many IT managers and CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) for years, due to industry-related short development cycles on the manufacturer side, as well as high corporate stability and security requirements.

In this blog article, you can read why more and more companies are discovering the advantages of used software licences for necessary conversion or migration projects and why Microsoft server licences offer particular potential for significantly reducing existing IT costs without compromising quality.

Which used Microsoft server licences offer the greatest savings potential?

The dynamic progress of digitalisation requires regular investments in the maintenance and expansion of the company's own IT infrastructure. In particular, larger medium-sized companies from the mechanical engineering, finance, health and energy sectors, as well as public administrations, corporations and municipal bodies with particularly high security requirements and data protection regulations, often shy away from switching to purely cloud-based IT solutions. For all those who continue to rely on familiar infrastructure solutions or opt for hybrid systems, there is considerable potential for savings, particularly in the area of Microsoft server licences, including the access authorisations to be licensed; the Microsoft Server CALs.

PREO - Your partner in trading with used Microsoft server licences

As a pioneer in the Europe-wide trade with used software, PREO offers you an extensive range of audit-proof product licences - from the simple Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange Server and SQL Server to Sharepoint Server. Of course, we also offer the appropriate server CALs (Client Access Licences) in the form of User CALs or Device CALs, with which the access authorisations appropriate to the work and usage environment are licensed.

Microsoft Windows Server

Windows is certainly the best-known product as a Microsoft operating system and goes back to the tile-shaped interface design of the first version. However, the worldwide brand name was retained unchanged by Microsoft for both the client and server operating systems. PREO offers you a wide range of audit-proof Microsoft Windows Server licences of the versions 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022 including the Windows Server CALs required for your purposes.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange servers belong to the Microsoft application server group. Exchange servers handle and control effective e-mail communication with a wide range of access options and associated rights. Depending on the size of your company or organisation and the respective purpose of use, either a standard version or an enterprise version with more in-depth functions and security standards is suitable. At PREO you will find a wide selection of audit-proof server licences for Microsoft Exchange Server versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 as well as the associated CALs. 

Microsoft SQL Server

The so-called database servers from Microsoft process commands and information on the basis of the Structured Query Language (SQL). All Microsoft SQL servers are licensed either core-based or by server and access, which also applies to used server licences. At PREO, your company benefits from a large audit-proof range of used licences of the various versions of Microsoft SQL Servers including the corresponding User CALs or Device CALs.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server

Sharepoint servers also belong to the category of application servers. They offer a central platform for easier collaboration and are a common intranet solution, especially in larger companies or institutions. PREO offers you used and audit-proof Microsoft Sharepoint Server licences of the versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 as well as the respective User CALs or Device CALs adapted to the intended use.

Profit from used Microsoft Server CALs

Since most companies usually have licensed several Microsoft servers for the different work areas and purposes, it is advisable to also use the appropriate Core CAL Bundles. These are usually more cost-effective than individual Server CALs, even as used licences. Depending on the access options required in the work environment, a corresponding number of licences is required in order to be able to access the application environment provided via the server either on a user-related basis via User CALs or on a device-related basis via Device CALs. PREO naturally offers you the appropriate CALs or Core CAL Bundles for all Microsoft server licences.

At PREO, safety and compliance come first

The use of second-hand software was about the last thing that Tim Fäsecke, head of the IT department at LMT, had in mind when he joined the company two years ago. How he changed his mind in the course of a SAM project, why he sees used software as a valid model for licence procurement today and how his company was able to save a high six-figure sum with the help of PREO in the future-oriented reorganisation of the company software, you can read in the customer case "LMT Group". Click here to go to the download area.   

The LMT Group is an internationally active group of companies in the field of special mechanical engineering (Fette Compacting) and precision tools (LMT Tools) with over 2,300 employees at more than 20 locations worldwide.

Your PREO advantages when buying used Microsoft server licences

PREO guarantees you a legally verified transfer as well as transparent, complete and thus audit-proof documentation for all licence products offered. In addition, PREO will be happy to advise you on the licensing optimisation of your software projects in your company.

✔ Personal advice on all questions regarding licence transactions or the integration of used server licences including the respective CALs in classic network structures or hybrid cloud models.

✔ Legally and audit-proof licence acquisition with maximum transparency of all processing steps. After all, it is not only Microsoft products that are subject to heavy penalties in the event of licence violations.

✔ The capacity for licence management in large IT infrastructure projects with thousands of workstations and various locations.

✔ The experience of 15 years in the European trade with used software licences and the innovative strength of a pioneer in a still young, dynamic market environment.

Are you interested, but not quite convinced yet? Then perhaps our reference projects for numerous well-known companies will help you.

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