21 Nov 2022



Used volume licence

How to take advantage of used volume licences with PREO   

You certainly know someone with a voluminous voice, a voluminous body or have already asked yourself how big the volume of a container or swimming pool is, for example. But the term volume also has its meaning in software, or more precisely in the licensing of software. In addition to a single licence, for example for a Microsoft or Adobe product, you can also purchase a so-called volume licence. 

In this blog article, you can read about the advantages of volume licences, why they are in particular demand for used software, and how you as a company can use the advantages of used volume licences in an audit-proof manner with PREO.

What is a volume licence?

Compared to a single licence, the volume licence makes it possible to make software accessible to several users at different workstations with only one installation key. Depending on the licensing model and scope, this is usually possible with as few as 5 licences. Larger volume licences bundle, for example, 50, 100 and more licences into one bundle. This is why volume licensing is particularly suitable for large standard licence products, such as Microsoft Office, as this software is installed on almost all devices, especially in the office sector. But server licences including the corresponding server CALs are also usually used in the form of a volume licence. It does not matter whether the volume licence is purchased for new or used software.

What are the advantages of used volume licences? 

When buying or selling a used volume licence, there are no differences compared to new licences. Furthermore, there is no loss of quality with used software, as it does not wear out compared to other consumer goods. Two important reasons why companies, organisations or administrations decide more and more often in favour of used volume licences for their required software. These offer various advantages over single licences. The most important are: 

  • Simpler procurement process through bundled licensing 

  • Lower licence costs due to volume discount

  • Much easier handling, one key per licence bundle
  • Downgrade right to older versions

  • Splitting of volume licensing contracts possible

  • One computer can be licensed per licence

  • Possibility of virtualisation, for example for remote workstations

  • Volume licences are terminal server capable

Conclusion: Volume licensing saves companies time and money. Larger companies also simplify their software asset management and gain more flexibility in their daily software handling. Nevertheless, especially for companies with several hundred or thousand workstations, a regular inventory is worthwhile to adjust the existing licensing to the actual demand.

Our licensing experts will be happy to advise you personally on how you can benefit from used volume licences and thus either realise high savings or achieve attractive revenues for licences that are no longer required. 


PREO tip: A volume licence can be split up so that it can be sold proportionately and licences that are no longer required can be monetised. The PREO licensing experts will be happy to explain to you personally how this can also work audit-proof for your company:

PREO offer: Buy a used Office volume licence and save up to 70 percent  

We have been successfully trading in used software for more than 15 years and offer you a wide range of tested and therefore 100 percent audit-proof Microsoft Office volume licences with price advantages of up to 70 percent compared to the new price:

  • MS Office Standard 2003 - 2019 

  • MS Office Professional 2003 

  • MS Office Professional Plus 2007 - 2019 

  • MS Office Professional Plus 2021 LTSC 

Good to know: The demand for used MS Office volume licences is currently particularly high, as the cost pressure for many companies has increased massively due to the very tense economic situation and savings have a high priority not only in the IT sector. In addition, the basic support for Office 2013, for example, will expire next year, so many companies are already looking at alternatives. The best thing to do is to take a look at our product portfolio here.

Efficient and needs-based - used MS Office volume licences instead of cloud solution

Consistent digitisation helps hospitals to master their immense challenges. With this knowledge, Dietmar Zelinski switched in 2020 as IT manager to the Medius clinics and drew up a status quo of the licence inventory. The result: a new Microsoft Office version was necessary because the end of support for the previous 2010 licences was just around the corner. Find out why the IT expert decided against MS Office 365 and instead opted for used MS Office volume licences adapted to the needs of the employees in this customer case

Medius Kliniken is an association with over 3,000 employees at 3 locations. Every year, the company treats more than 46,000 inpatients and 125,000 outpatients. With 31 specialist medical clinics and 21 centres, the clinics, which are a non-profit company of the Esslingen district in Baden-Württemberg, offer a comprehensive range of services and a total of 1040 beds.

Buying a used volume licence - the PREO advantages at a glance

You too can benefit from the advantages of used volume licences for your company. As a pioneer in the trade with used software in Europe, PREO offers you convincing advantages:

  • We offer you personal advice on all questions relating to the acquisition of used volume licences, from application software to servers to operating systems in classic network structures or hybrid cloud models.

  • Your security plus with the PREO Safe3 model including blockchain technology for the legally and audit-proof acquisition of volume licences with maximum transparency of all processing steps 

  • Secure high savings on your licence costs compared to the respective new licence of up to 70 percent - and in individual cases even more.  

  • Benefit from the PREO capacity for licence management of large IT infrastructure projects with thousands of workstations and various locations.

  • Benefit from the experience of more than 15 years in the European trade with used software licences and the innovative strength of a pioneer in a still young, dynamic market environment.

If these advantages have not yet convinced you, take a look at our reference projects for numerous well-known companies. 

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