30 Mar 2023



Licence management

How companies benefit from significant price advantages with used Windows Server licences

How a company's server landscape should ideally be structured and designed depends on various factors. Above all, the question of who needs access to which software, when and with which device, in order to be able to process data and information easily and securely and to effectively complete workplace-related tasks, is of decisive importance.

Windows Server 2022 is the current server operating system from Microsoft. It is designed for use in companies, organisations or public administrations, and is correspondingly powerful and robust. However, many are still working with the predecessor versions 2012 or 2012 R2 in the Standard or Datacenter Edition, whose support end is coming up this year, as well as Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019. An end of the respective vendor support is therefore in most cases an important occasion to review the licensing status and to think about the current and future structure. In this blog post you can read how you can profit from used server licences for Windows Server 2022 including Windows Server 2022 CALs with PREO and achieve high savings in the process.

Windows Server 2022 – Standard or Datacenter?

There are two versions of Windows Server 2022, so decision-makers are first faced with the question of whether the Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition or the Datacenter Edition better meets the company-specific IT requirements.  Apart from the price component, there are also some important differences in the scope of functions to consider.

The Standard Edition of Windows Server 2022 is designed more for small to medium-sized enterprises that operate a limited number of virtual machines and servers. In addition to basic functionality, the Standard edition supports up to 64 processors and 4 TB of RAM per server, offers a Hyper-V host and can host up to 2 virtual machines (VMs) per licence.

The Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2022, on the other hand, is designed more for companies that operate a larger number of servers and VMs. In addition to the basic functions, it offers unlimited virtualisation and supports up to 64 processors and 24 TB RAM per server. In addition, the Datacenter Edition offers extended functions such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), Storage Spaces Direct or Host Guardian Hyper-V support.

Core-based licensing for Windows Server 2022

Licensing for Windows Server 2022 is exclusively core-based, just like for the predecessor versions Windows Server 2019 and 2016. This means that companies purchase their required licences for Windows Server based on the number of available processor cores. Each physical processor is valued at a minimum of eight cores, each physical server at a minimum of 16. In order for a Windows Server Standard 2 VM or a Windows Server Datacenter to have unlimited virtualisation rights, all physical and active cores must be licensed in each case. In particular, medium-sized businesses and larger companies as well as public administrations benefit from core-based licensing, as they usually use a larger number of processors.

Windows Server 2022 and Windows Server 2022 CAL

Another important factor in Windows Server 2022 licensing is the associated Windows Server 2022 CALs (Client Access Licenses). CALs are licences that companies must purchase to allow users and devices to access the server. There are two types of CALs: User CALs and Device CALs.

A User CAL entitles a specific user to access the server from one or more devices. A Device CAL authorises a specific device to access the server, regardless of which user is using the device.


Our licensing experts will be happy to advise you personally on the various options for integrating used Windows Server 2022 licences including the used server CALs, the associated price advantages for your company and the integration into your existing IT infrastructure.  

Example LMT Group - In addition to the savings effects, PREO is also an excellent choice for security and compliance.

The use of used software at the LMT Group, an internationally active group of companies in the field of special mechanical engineering and precision tools, with over 2,300 employees at more than 20 locations worldwide, was initially difficult to imagine for IT manager Tim Fäsecke. In this customer case, you will learn how he changed his mind in the course of a SAM project and why he now sees used software as a valid model for licence procurement. Last but not least, he was convinced by the fact that his company was able to save a high six-figure sum with the help of PREO during the future-oriented realignment of the company software.

Used server licences - PREO has the expertise and a wide range to choose from

We are one of the pioneers in the European trade with software and server licences. We offer companies, organisations and public administrations a large selection of used Microsoft server licences at any time, such as Windows Server 2022, 2019 or 2016 as well as the various licence versions of Exchange Servers, SQL Servers or Sharepoint Servers including the corresponding Server CALs or Core CAL bundles. Take advantage of the free and non-binding initial consultation with the PREO licensing experts and benefit from:

  • high savings in ongoing licence costs. For older server versions, savings of up to 70 percent are even possible compared to the respective new version.    

  • personal advice on all questions relating to licence transactions or the integration of used server licences including the respective CALs in classic network structures or hybrid cloud models.

  • 100 percent legal and audit-proof licence acquisition with maximum transparency in all processing steps including complete documentation in the PREO licence portal "Easy Compliance".

  • existing capacities for software licence management in large IT infrastructure projects with thousands of workstations and transnational locations.

  • detailed market knowledge and extensive experience through the audit-proof transfer of over one million used software licences.

Not quite convinced yet? Then we recommend you take a closer look at our reference projects, which we have already successfully realised for numerous well-known companies.