Software that has already been used is designated as used. However, compared with other products and tools, software does not wear out in the true sense of the word. That’s why the designation ‘used’ is seen as misleading for software. In terms of user value, used software is in no way inferior to products in mint condition in general.

In the case of used software, this can be an individual workstation licence or a volume licence. The licence model cannot influence the definition of used software.
With regards to the licence contract, data carriers and any potentially available handbooks, buyers of used software from PREO Software AG are placed on exactly the same footing as the initial applicant. It doesn’t matter if a volume licence or an individual workstation licence is acquired by the buyer. In addition, an ISO certified licence transfer is provided with PREO Software AG for individual workstation licences and licences from volume contracts, for the max. amount of legal security.


The term used software justifiably leads to questions and confusion again and again, as present wear is also frequently associated with ‘used’. The case even with other products, is that software becomes used software if it has already been used. However, software has the advantage that it is normally not subject to wear. Installation and use does not constitute wear, but rather makes the software become used by definition. That being said, used software is just as valuable in terms of quality as new software that has been acquired from the manufacturer directly or from a contract partner. You don’t have to fear poorer outputs or worn components with software. Therefore, it offers a good opportunity for businesses to optimise their own licence costs for software required for operation by acquiring used software licences.


In this regard, the quality of used software can in fact be seen in the legal security. PREO Software AG ensures quality when transferring licences by a professionally organised purchase and sale of software licences. In doing so, the quality of the licence transfer is also certified from PREO Software AG by an ISO 9001 certification. Furthermore, the business discloses the chain of rights for volume licences from volume contracts, and therefore provides the highest possible amount of transparency for all parties.

The question as to whether used software licences are tradeable cannot unfortunately be answered with a sweeping general statement. That’s why sellers can easily contact PREO Software AG, so that the respective contractual and licence conditions can be checked.

In general, an unrestricted usage right for a correctly acquired software licence can also be sold to third parties. Of course, PREO Software AG is committed to a solution with max. legal security when purchasing and selling used licences. Used software sellers with PREO Software AG can count on a flawless transfer of usage rights due to comprehensive measures.


As previously mentioned, buying and selling software licences is possible in the most general sense – provided specific conditions are present. These conditions include the fact that the seller of a used software licence has an unrestricted usage right, so the software has not been rented. The manufacturer’s licence and purchasing conditions can also have additional influence on the options to trade with used software licences if required. That’s why PREO Software AG checks the software’s licensing and purchasing conditions to be able to achieve flawless licence transfer to the buyer. PREO Software AG offers buyers and sellers a high level of legal security when trading with used software via transparent transfer processes.


PREO Software AG is just as committed to a legally secure transaction as sellers and buyer of used software. This is underlined by the fact that PREO Software AG put forward an ISO 9001 certification during the licence transfer, which documents the origin of the software. In addition, the certification underlines the fact that a transparent, accountable transfer process is one of the business’ most important maxims.


Sellers can easily contact PREO Software AG with an enquiry to purchase used software. If they are interested, PREO Software AG will check the licence and sale conditions in a diligent manner. Provided there is legal possibility and an interest in purchasing, PREO Software AG presents the seller with a respectable quote for purchasing the used software, taking into account the framework conditions and the purchasing and licensing provisions of the software.

In order to guarantee max. legal security for the buyer, licences from volume contracts are transferred by PREO Software AG.
The new owner receives all licence documents and is put on equal footing with the initial licence holder.

Alongside the simple option to enquire with the sales team about used software licences or to look on the company website, at PREO Software AG, a smooth process and the safety of the transfer for the buyer is really important.


With PREO Software AG, used software buyers should feel confident that they are not taking any unnecessary risks. That’s why acquiring using software with PREO Software AG usually comprises all licence documents of the acquired software as well. As a result, the buyer of used software is put on a practically equal footing to the initial licence holder. In this way, the buyer receives max. legal security for the software that has been acquired used.


Used software buyers understandably want legal security when acquiring the cheap alternative to new goods. PREO Software AG takes this into account and sets high standards on the process when buying and selling used software. For example, sellers are instructed by PREO Software AG e.g. to fully hand over and sell the software licences with data carrier and backup copy. In addition, they must remove existing installations if required. The origin of software licences is of course flawlessly documented using the chain of rights.


In this way, the buyer of used software from PREO Software AG receives the usage rights for a software product that can be identified via a licence no. The new owner also receives information on the previous owner of the used software.


Ordering and buying used software is easy with PREO Software AG. The company website offers buyers the opportunity to easily search for suitable licences. If customers cannot find the licences they require, there is the option of sending a direct enquiry to PREO Software AG to find a solution. If the buyer has found suitable licences on the website, he/she just enters the desired quantity into the enquiry form. By entering contact data such as the name of the company, the address and the point of contact, interested parties can enquire about licences with PREO Software AG. Then, PREO Software AG gets in touch with the interested party for the licence transfer.


The process of acquiring a software licence for used software has been designed to be as customer-friendly as possible.
With max. buyer security with PREO Software AG, businesses can get their used software quickly and securely.

No, unfortunately we don’t offer software licences to private individuals directly. The PREO Software AG range is aimed exclusively at companies, bodies and commercial resellers and partners.

Used software makes it possible to reduce investment costs for software considerably in many ways. A fact that not only businesses, but also private individuals are happy to make use of today, especially since software doesn’t wear out in the true sense of the word.


Our comprehensive range of software for different areas of use is aimed at small businesses with a small requirement for licences, as well as large groups that have an international setup. We ask private customers to understand that we unfortunately do not serve this customer segment.


Procurement is expensive, and this is particularly the case for new software. Investment costs are rising. Financial means that are missing elsewhere. Using used software can help to reduce costs for software acquisition by up to 70 percent. In this way, financial burdens for buying software can often be optimised, without the quality suffering as a result.


For instance, used software is not subject to wear if it has already been installed and used on an external computer system. Looking for options to reduce costs is just as much an issue in companies, as it is in private households. As a provider of used software, we are glad to see increasingly wide interest in used software, as well as acceptance in businesses and from private individuals. Via a large range in used software, we hope to meet the needs of different customer segments. In doing so, our focus is very different customers with very different requirements. Amongst the customer segments that we serve are not only international groups who intend to buy larger licences from volume contracts, but also commercial customers who want to buy small quantities of used software. Individual quotes from businesses can be easily requested with no hassle in small quotas either over the phone, by email or fax.
We understand that private customers want to reduce their own expenditure for software, and we welcome the interest in our business.


However, we ask this range of customers to understand that we do not currently serve this customer segment. For various business reasons, and to ensure service and quality when acquiring used software via our business, we currently only offer our services to commercial customers and businesses.

In this case, these are licences from businesses that hand over their software licences that are unused or are no longer required for various reasons. A reason for this can be consolidations or mergers.
Even system migrations or bad planning within a business makes used software become available.

In connection with the legal security of used software in particular, the question used software licence origin is one of great significance for the future owner. In the case of sources for used software, PREO Software AG places reliance on quality and integrity. These standards are complemented by flawless origin documentation. In this way, PREO Software AG can meet various customer requirements when buying used software with security, as well as quality.


The question of used software licence origin is often prompted by the requirement for legal security. PREO Software AG deals with the origin question openly, and in the case of sources, places reliance on reputable providers. In this case, they are usually businesses that hand over their software licences that are unused or no longer required for various reasons. The used software licences from PREO Software AG usually come from businesses that were able to hand over software licences due to mergers, system migrations or consolidations. In this case, the sellers’ motivation is to draw capital from software licences that are unused or no longer required and to not to allow them to go to waste by not using them. In this way, used software buyers can take advantage of cheap prices for the required licences and put their trust in reputable origin with PREO Software AG.


In order to provide more security and transparency in relation to the origin and integrity of software licences, PREO Software AG places reliance on flawless origin documentation and a transparent chain of rights alongside strict conditions when buying software. That allows the source for the software licences that have been acquired used with PREO Software AG to be determined if required and increases legal security for used software licences on the buyer side.

PREO Software AG doesn’t just offer old software versions as used software, but new ones as well.
As a rule, the PREO Software AG range of used licences is very comprehensive and extends to several software manufacturers and different software solutions as well as different software versions.

Therefore, businesses and other commercial customers can acquire different software solutions cheaply, even in newer and the newest versions with PREO Software AG, and thereby optimise their own licence costs for software for using used software licences. Depending on the up-to-dateness of the version, the saving in relation to the price when new is between 30 and 70 percent.


Normally, the range for more current software turns out to be smaller than for older ones, due to the market conditions for used software. This is why PREO Software AG recommends getting in touch early on. In this way, a business can consider planning in advance and try to meet buyers’ requirements.


PREO Software AG is continually committed to meeting demand for current software versions as used software. However, this cannot always be achieved on demand due to the nature of procuring used software. The market range for specific used software versions can be quite restricted.This applies to current or new software versions in particular, which are frequently in high demand as used software.


The cause for the differing range of newer and older software versions can usually be found in the procurement processes for used software licences. The licences that PREO Software AG trade in originate from reputable sources and were handed over by companies for various reasons. In this case, reasons for handing over the licence could be mergers, consolidations or also system migrations.
In this case, this naturally leads to a larger range of older software versions. Therefore, the market range depends on the businesses themselves selling used software.


However, the range of newer or current software versions is, of course, not excluded. That’s why used software licences are of course available in more current versions with PREO Software AG. An early enquiry from the buyer gives PREO Software AG enough lead time to answer the interested business’ enquiry with a positive outcome, with current used software.

Yes, you can. As with new software, you can receive support for used software.

The question of maintenance, support and services is a particularly important one, especially in business use and is frequently at the heart of the decision to invest in a specific software version. Of course, this does not only apply to new software, but for used software as well. That’s why with software that’s been acquired by us from you, you have the option of terminate support contracts for it. In this case, the support contract services are usually delivered by reputable IT computer retailers that work with our business as part of a cooperation for software support.


The software lifecycle initially begins with purchase – as with many other products. An important point that usually has an important role to play in business investments is also therefore the overall cost that is due over the duration of software us (Total Cost of Ownership). In this regard, answers to questions on services such as maintenance, support and service are of course key points in decision-making. The cost amounts that arise for support can turn out to be quite different. These cost amounts are usually based on the client’s requirements and expectations. In this case, whether it’s used or newly acquired software for which the support services are required has no or very little bearing on support costs.


With regards to support services for software, with good providers, it’s an IT service that is usually delivered by qualified IT technicians. In doing so, it doesn’t matter in many cases whether the software that the support is being given for has been acquired as new goods or what is known as used goods. In relation to support services, we give our customers the option to terminate support contracts with cooperative partners for the software that has been acquired as used.


The services that are being offered for software acquired by us via cooperative agreements, extend over two different support levels. A basic support is offered for our used software via Level 1 support contracts. Furthermore, enhanced support can be given for used software with Level 2 support contracts. In this case, the range of support contracts for Level 1 and Level 2 takes place via selected and qualified partners. In the case of cooperative partners for support services, they are usually large, reputable computer retailers that can provide a high-quality service with experienced IT technicians. PREO collaborates with a multitude of LARs (Large Account Resellers).

A notarised attestation cannot replace a proof of licence. A notary cannot usually certify the legality of a licence transfer. That is why a notarised attestation is not required for used software.

In the opinion of PREO Software AG, a notarised attestation is not required, as the licence transfer takes place in a fully transparent manner, disclosing the chain of rights. Improving a proof of licence cannot be achieved by an attestation. With an attestation, a notary cannot usually certify the legality of the licence transfer, but only declarations of intention that have been submitted. That’s why proving a correct and proper licence transfer cannot be achieved with a notarised attestation.


That is why a notarised attestation is also not suited to stand up to an audit. PREO Software AG optimises legal security when buying used software with comprehensive purchasing regulations and testing methods. In this case, PREO Software AG can put forward your professional licence transfer with an ISO 9001 certification, amongst other things. In doing so, PREO Software AG pays attention to the framework conditions to the last detail, to be able to provide buyers with the highest possible level of legal security.


Legal security when acquiring used software is one of PREO Software AG most important maxims. In order to uphold this, we offer buyers and sellers and organised and secure buying and selling process. As part of the licence transfer, PREO Software AG checks the manufacturer’s purchasing and licensing conditions and takes in account any potential requirements if necessary. In doing so, the licence transfer for licences from volume contracts are subject to particularly strict requirements from PREO Software AG, so that the highest level of legal security is achieved for acquiring software with PREO Software AG.

Software licences must be complete, i.e. all components that must be part of a licence, must be transferred with it. Additional conditions apply for licences from volume contracts.
The software sold must be fully uninstalled from the seller’s computer. Backup copies are not permitted.

Some of the points that the seller has to bear in mind when selling used software licences to PREO Software AG in general are the completeness of the software licence and uninstalling existing software installations of the software that has been specified for sale. In addition, retaining backup copies of the sold software is not permitted, no matter what type of data carrier.


When selling used software to commercial customers, legal security is particularly important when acquiring software. That’s why PREO Software AG has special requirements and conditions for purchasing used software, which sellers must meet and bear in mind. Amongst other things, these conditions and requirements are necessary so that purchasing and selling software can be carried out smoothly and with the highest level of legal security.


Conditions that sellers can use to sell used software licences to PREO Software AG include completeness of the software licences. In addition, when selling licences from volume contracts, buyers must also take into account special conditions which can differ quite considerably from the conditions when selling individual workstation licenses.


With PREO Software AG, sellers benefit from a licence transfer that has been certified to ISO 9001 standard. Moreover, PREO Software AG documents software origin and provides transparency during the licence transfer, as well as reputable sources of software licences. In order to structure trade in such a professional manner, PREO Software AG also checks that the software sellers have met specific requirements and conditions. These are generally used to ensure legal security when buying and selling used software and to optimise the quality of the software trade with used licenses.


Alongside conditions like this, holders of licences from volume contracts must still take into account other additional conditions for selling software with PREO Software AG as a partner. In this case, these are also measures that optimise the sales process for used software licences and should achieve a flawless transfer of software usage rights.


These measures usually increase buyer trust for trading in used software. Therefore, you can accommodate the seller in relation to an achievable sale price. In addition, they are used to encourage demand for used software.

We don’t just buy current versions, but older individual licences from volume contracts as well. All Microsoft, SAP, Citrix, IBM and Adobe licences are of particular interest. In addition, all CAD and virtualisation tools such as VM-ware, are attractive for us.

PREO Software AG is interested in purchasing a multitude of software solutions and software versions. As a rule, older software versions are also attractive to PREO, alongside current versions. In this case, flexibility is the order of the day for purchasing used software in relation to the licence model.


PREO Software AG buys individual workstation licences such as OEM and box products as well licences from volume contracts such as Select, OPEN and Microsoft Enterprise Agreement licences. We are particularly interested in licences from manufacturers such as Microsoft, as well as licences for Citrix, IDM and Adobe software. Additionally, PREO Software AG is focusing on licences for CAD and virtualisation tools when purchasing used software licenses.


Today, companies use a multitude of different software solutions during the working day to optimise the work process. There is a wide interest in different software solutions for businesses amongst used software buyers accordingly. For instance, this can include office solutions, administrative tools such as simple bookkeeping tools or complex ERB system, as well as technical solutions such as CAD programs. In this case, different software versions – new as well as old – can be of interest to used software buyers due to standardisation and optimisation processes, and are therefore also purchased by PREO Software AG.


As PREO Software AG is interested in being able to meet all customer requirements, the business purchases software solutions in different versions from very different software areas. PREO Software AG’s interest in this case extends to individual workplace licences as well as licences from volume contracts, which are transferred to the new owner. Providers or sellers of used software can easily contact PREO Software AG to offer their available software.


In this case, the type of software licence offered is a minor issue for PREO Software AG. On the other hand, the topic of legal security assumes a central role for purchasing used software with PREO Software AG, which is why a check of the licensing and usage conditions is carried out before purchase.

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