Case Siegwerk Druckfarben AG

Consolidation and Expansion of the Citrix Server Farms with Used Licences
In the context of an infrastructure project for the expansion of a server farm in France with the simultaneous migration of Citrix Presentation Server (PS) Advanced to the Enterprise Edition, Siegwerk examined several ways of procurement. The main objective was to optimise the administration of the constantly increasing number of users and terminals on the basis of a Citrix solution. Citrix PS is a terminal server solution which helps its users to administer their Windows applications from the computer centre. Because of this approach, which has been developed especially for a facilitated and centralised data management and security, the whole supply process is easier and cheaper.

The following scenarios have been analysed for a tailor made fulfilment of demand:

  • acquisition of 200 new Citrix PS Enterprise Edition
  • use of the update paths of the 40 Citrix PS Advanced Edition required for the project and expansion purchase of the missing licences
  • remarketing of the 40 Citrix PS Advanced Edition and purchase of 200 licences needed on the original market or on the secondary market.

Together with different dealers and providers, Siegwerk has discussed the possibilities to fulfil the demand and analysed the costs and their implementation capabilities. “Our aim was to implement our defined demands cost-effectively and promptly. We could not accept any delays concerning the purchase,” explains Hubert Rausch, manager corporate IT services and EMEA service coordination at Siegwerk Druckfarben AG their situation.
For the selection of the provider, the proposals were checked critically for their feasibility. Among the providers evaluated, there was PREO Software AG, a company that specialised on the trade with used software licences. “PREO’s business model seemed to be very innovative and it meant considerable savings potential for us. All this in combination with immediate availability,” describes Rausch the offer from PREO. “Before sending our offer, we tried out different possibilities for the licence procurement for Siegwerk internally,” explains Chris Schlensog, responsible for Citrix solutions at PREO Software AG. “One option would have been the usage of update paths. However, when we took a closer look, we found out that this method would not be the most cost-effective one for Siegwerk. Siegwerk would have had to pay more than 10% more for the licences. Because of our know-how in the field of Citrix and a clever variant management, we were able to offer a much more attractive proposal,” says Citrix expert Schlensog.
The cheapest solution was a combination of software remarketing and used licences. With this approach, PREO bought the 40 Citrix licences no longer needed from Siegwerk. The transfer took place via the Citrix licence portal. In return, Siegwerk bought the 200 licences needed from PREO in the form of pre-owned licences.

The transfer of the licences happened with the inclusion of Citrix
“We received the licences including the maintenance contracts from PREO. The transcription of the licences was done by Citrix and we could start using them in our computer centre straight away. From our point of view, everything went very smoothly,” describes Siegwerk manager Hubert Rausch his experiences.
PREO Software AG has been the intermediary between seller and buyer of the software during the transfer process. As the link between all partied involved, PREO organised the whole process.

The Bottom Line
The example Siegwerk shows that the combination of used software and software remarketing can sustainably relieve the IT budget of user companies. By means of a detailed analysis of the organisational circumstances in combination with the assessment of different product and process characteristics (like the validation of updates or update options), the costs can be reduced without downgrading the supply. Due to the cooperation with PREO, Siegwerk Druckfarben AG could sustainably reduce the overall costs of their software solution.

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