Successful with secure used software

Hamburg 1st March 2016More than 4,200 customers and 850,000 traded licences with a value when new of around 100 million euros speak in favour of the well-founded knowledge that the PREO Software AG experts have acquired over the last 10 years with regards to licence transfers. The focus of the company with branches in Hamburg and Lower Saxony are fair prices and the highest level of customer security.

“Since the company was founded, our customers are essentially interested in two things: Firstly: You want to acquire software cheaply in accordance with your requirements – and not rely on the newest, expensive updates or cloud solutions from the manufacturer. And secondly: Used software acquired by us must stand up to every audit without any objections.” according to Boris Vöge, PREO founder and chairman.

Dynamic market growth

The dynamics to take the pressure off a company’s IT budget and that used software as a tool is recognised for having gathered momentum since an EU regulation that was passed by the ECJ in 2012. “Customers from other European countries and other sizes are discovering the advantages. While German medium-sized enterprises benefited in the first instance in the mid-2000s, now large DAX groups, as well as small undertakings, such as agencies or architecture firms are added to the mix. The budget saved provides you will significant competitive advantages, as new projects or workstations can be financed with free capital.” explains Boris Vöge.

New safety system for all customers

With PREO, customer security aspects are subject to a constant optimisation process. “Customer security is our first, second and third priority”, according to Boris Vöge. “In the last two years, not only new interested parties are coming onto the market, but also a few unscrupulous providers. We give our customers a reliable orientation and provide more than just legal security with our ‘Safe3 system.’ The ‘Safe3 system’ goes one step beyond taking into account legislation (disclosing the chain of rights and audit security): It instantly safeguards PREO customers in the event of possible financial losses of 10 million euros. A unique additional service in the sector.


Exceeding legal prerequisites goes back many years at PREO: Shortly after the company was founded, the founders established an in-house legal department and they were the first software dealer to get their transfer processes regularly certified to ISO 9001 standard since 2008. To be added to this as well, is the legal inspection of transfer processes by the renowned auditing firm Ernst & Young.


To also communicate the promise of quality and security externally, the company logo and website were given a makeover in our anniversary year. The website is clearly structured – it is split, depending on requirements, into a buyer and seller area, offers a quick enquiry list, an overview of top products, a comprehensive glossary as well as many FAQs on the topic of security.


About PREO

PREO Software AG has been the secure provider of used software in Europe for 10 years. Alongside buying and selling used software, advice on licence optimisation is a core competency of the business. Customer security is PREO’s first priority: The company stands out due to its high security and quality standards (‘Safe3 system’). The transfer processes are subject to annual inspections by a renowned auditing company and are the only dealer for used software that is certified to ‘ISO 9001’ standard. The company, which was founded in 2005, has its head office in Hamburg and Lower Saxony and has 18 employees. You can find more information at www.preo-ag.com.

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