CASE: Software-Audit im Kreiskrankenhaus Demmin EN

Software Audit in Demmin Community Hospital:
Preo Licences Pass the Test

Demmin Community Hospital, one of the most advanced clinics in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been relying on used software as a secure and cheap form of procurement since 2015. Microsoft certified the public record carrier for correct use of transparent software from PREO. However, the manufacturer found fault with used software that was bought at the same time. The reason for this was insufficient proofs of origin.

Reiner Langer, Head of EDP for Demmin Community Hospital recently discovered that not all used software is created equal, as part of a plausibility check from Microsoft. In 2015, he was given the task of carrying out a uniform standardisation of Office applications. In this context, older Office versions were replaced with new ones. This was required to maintain high clinic standards and to ensure smooth collaboration between members of hospital staff.

Alongside used software from PREO, the clinic also opted for an offer from a used software provider from South Germany, which – being different from PREO – did not send proofs of origin as standard.

Result of the Audit

The used software bought via PREO was 100 percent approved by Microsoft. What’s more, even the manufacturer’s additional demands were able to be settled in the pressing audit situation with used software from PREO. The hospital had to re-licence the competitor’s licences – which didn’t have any proofs of origin or correct usage.The proof of licence in the form of an auditor’s attestation was not sufficient for Microsoft’s auditors. EDP management finally settled the licence bottleneck by relicensing.

Our prime principle:Security through transparency

The Community Hospital’s audit situation shows that Microsoft is very mindful of proofs of licence and only approves licences for used software where a transparent chain of rights is also present. Despite complications, Reiner Lange will go back to used software: “On the one hand, there is an undisputed advantage in price. On the other hand, we now know how important it is to ask for the chain of rights to be disclosed at the time of purchase, alongside important proofs of licence”, explains the IT manager: “and now we have a reliable dealer helping us. Our PREO customer advisor advised us well with lots of professional expertise and detailed knowledge”.

As the only leading used software dealer, PREO places reliance on a clear, ISO certified transfer process. After a comprehensive clearing, in which the in-house legal department checks all contract documents, PREO ensures disclosure of the chain of rights during purchase, which is required for all parties. Therefore, the used software buyer and its manufacturer can track where the respective licences come from and who they are sold to. Ultimately, as the author in the event of an audit, the software manufacturer must check for correct licence use.

Secure with the Safe3 system, that’s why PREO is the most secure provider

A decisive argument for the collaboration was and is the security that PREO offers. Firstly, the ‘Safe3 system guarantees you a complete chain of rights for all products acquired with PREO. Secondly, PREO licences stand up to every audit, as the in-house legal department checks all prerequisites required by law beforehand, for a flawless transfer. Thirdly, the ‘Safe3 system’ automatically safeguards against any transfer errors for up to 10 million euros.

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