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Nehlsen Relies on Used Software from Preo
Centralisation, conversion, standardisation – in IT, this is almost always associated with high costs. Software licences that have to be procured for conversion and standardisation processes can be very expensive with the software manufacturer.

Nehlsen AG, who were striving to align their Office applications, were not able to get the required licences with the manufacturer in the first place. Axel Plaßmeier, Systems and Networks manager knew about the option of acquiring predecessor releases. However, he and his managers were still cautious about the alternative form of procurement.

“There were prejudices due to media reports”, according to Plaßmeier. However, the interest remained, precisely because the financial frameworks could be adhered to. “When looking at all providers more closely, it became clear that PREO Software AG is the better partner for us. They are the only ones that guarantee a transparent licence transfer”, according to Plaßmeier.

Initial Project Leads to 265,000 Euros Worth of Savings
In the first project, approx. 500 workstations were equipped with Microsoft licences from PREO.In doing so, Nehlsen AG bought Windows products, various applications, CALs and servers, amongst other things. In this case, the origin of licences was fully disclosed: a part of the volume licences came from BenQ Mobile insolvency Enterprise Agreement, another part was OEM licences. “PRO AGs staff won me over from a personal and professional standpoint”, said Plaßmeier. However, not only expenditure decreased due to purchasing used software.

In addition, licences that were no longer required by PREO were accepted as payment. Amongst other things, Nehlsen AG was able to sell parts of a select contract, OPEN and OEN licences to PREO. The amount saved at that time was 265,000 euros in total.

PREO Licence Transfer Passes Manufacturer Audit
Even an audit from one of Microsoft’s contracted international auditing firms, was positive. Particularly endorsed has been PREO’s process during the licence transfer by disclosing the chain of rights, Plaßmeier pointed out: “That’s why there are no issues in this case.” The positive audit experience substantiated Nehlsen AG’s decision, “I had no qualms about buying PREO’s licences at any time. The result of the audit also validated that for me.”, said Plaßmeier.

On Steady Ground with PREO for Ten Years
– over 6,000 Licences – 450,000 Euros Saved
Nehlsen is so impressed by PREO’s transparent, smooth transfer, that PREO has been their first port of call since 2006. To this day, the company can achieve more than just financial advantages. If a costly expansion needs standardisation, an update procurement or an update of existing releases, Nehlsen buys at any time according to their requirements: It doesn’t matter if the software is still offered by the manufacturer or not. Starting with early predecessor releases such as Office 2003 up to Office that is currently used and the respective server applications, the business consistently relies on PREO.

The initial project alone led to 260,000 euros worth of savings.To this day, Nehlsen has bought well over 6,000 licences for almost 650,000 euros in total. As a comparison, new licences would have cost well in the region of 1,100,000 euros. As a result, the saving is 42 percent on average.

“I recommend every company to utilise the efficiencies from Software Remarketing”, said Plaßmeier, and confirms the benefits when buying used software – particularly if you need to standardise, bring in additions and align the software landscape.

Secure with the Safe3 System,
That’s Why PREO Is the Most Secure Provider
A decisive argument for the collaboration was and is the security that PREO offers. Firstly, the ‘Safe3 system guarantees you a complete chain of rights for all products acquired with PREO. Secondly, PREO licences stand up to every audit, as the in-house legal department checks all prerequisites required by law beforehand, for a flawless transfer. Thirdly, the ‘Safe3 system’ automatically safeguards against any transfer errors for up to 10 million euros.

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