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Until the end of the year: Take full advantage of software budgets

The last quarter of 2017 has only just started, but many licence managers are already concerned with their annual planning for 2018. This is a mistake, since they might just give away cold hard cash. If the IT budget is not fully used up, your IT department will probably lose it afterwards.

Control your licence inventory now

A closer look at the company licence inventory might particularly pay off in the last weeks of the year. Do we have all licences we need? Are their licences in our inventory that no longer receive external support (e.g. Office 2007, Exchange, Visio)? If we are audited, would we pass with our licence inventory? The available budget is perfect to cover potential shortfalls that come to light during this inspection. These retain their value and are up to 50% cheaper than new software, while offering the same functionalities. Moreover, purchased used software does not incur running monthly usage costs. This will result in savings for next year as well.

Safely buy used software: The big plus

Our licences are not just cost-efficient, they are also safe. Licences that are traded by PREO are put through their paces by our legal department. This ensures that they pass each software audit. Our audit assurance guarantees this. Additionally, our customers are informed about the chain of title. With this disclosure, we inform the user, upon transfer, of the original type of contract of the software (incl. contract numbers), who owned the licence, and if they have properly uninstalled the software, as well as details on the update history. Our transfers are insured against transfer errors. The insurance covers potential financial damages of up to 10 million euro. (bt)

Act now

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