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Office 365 Costs Spiralling Out of Control: How Swedex Saves a Lot of Money With Used Software

Corporate software costs can increase rapidly through cloud and rental models. Swedex had a similar experience. Three years ago, the company opted internally for a Microsoft cloud model. “Over the three years of using the cloud model, our costs have doubled”, says Markus Schlichting, Head of IT at Swedex. “This means that the bill for the coming three years would amount to another 400,000 euro. This was simply too much for us.”

After comprehensive research, and legal inspections by lawyers, the company decided for used software by PREO Software AG. The references of other reputable companies, as well as the rulings of the BGH (German Supreme Federal Court) that set the legal conditions for trading in used software that PREO complies with, convinced Swedex. Another decisive criterion was the »Safe3System«, and the praised audit security in particular. “If the licences we purchase through PREO are ruled at fault because of a transfer error during an audit, any damages incurred will be covered by the insurance, up to a sum of 10 million euro”, resumes Markus Schlichting, Head of IT at Swedex , “this gives me a safe feeling.”

Swedex required a large number of licences, including server and Office licences. PREO provided the desired products at a good price, resulting in great savings for the Essen-based producer of office supplies. “The overall licence savings for my company amount to almost 100,000  euro”, states the IT manager after a quick calculation. “Moreover, the price of used licences lies at only 47 per cent of those of new products. This means significant savings for us, with the same functionalities.” Mr Schlichting is very satisfied with the handling of the transaction and “would recommend PREO at any time.”

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